P.S. – I Love You

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Texting, Skyping, chatting with your significant other? How sad. I venture to say that there is a whole generation who has never had the ultimate joy, the breathtaking moment of receiving a love letter. Have you ever written a love letter?

People today hurry through life and love. We scribble tweets in 140 characters. We text I <3 u. We say “I love you” to everyone and then some! It almost voids the true meaning of three of the most important words in any language.

Yet, write those three little words on a piece of paper. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Write them right now. They take on a completely different meaning when you are alone with your thoughts and take the time to think about to whom and why you are writing them.

So, instead of writing empty, meaningless expressions today. Get a pen or pencil and a piece of paper and practice writing a love letter. Try this:

1. Write “I love you.”

2. Enter the name of a person you love. It doesn’t have to be a romantic interest. It can be anyone you love. “________, I love you because _______________” (use 5-10 words)

3. Again write the name of the person “_______________, I love you because you accept _______________” (enter the biggest fault of your own which they overlook)

4. “I love you even though you _________________________” (enter the biggest fault of theirs which you overlook)

5. “I think of you whenever ______________________” (fill in the blank)

6. “I love you/your _________, ___________ and _____________” (use 3 nouns)

7. “Do you love me?”

8. Sign your name; place it in an envelope; mail it to the person.

Now wait and watch what happens!

Happy Valentine’s Day!