Writing spark – choose a city!

I was surfing the net in hopes of inspiration to write a post today, Writers’ Wednesday, and the idea came to me after about 10 minutes of nonsense. Write about a place you know; see yourself walking its streets; describe that walk in 8 lines with each new line using the last word of the line before it.

Where do you go for inspiration?

Can you guess which city I picked?  Here’s the result:

NYC Taxi

Her tenuous steps at once propel her into the fray
The fray of the city that never sleeps
Sleep is what others do when the world becomes too much
Much is made and much is lost here on the street of dreams
Dreams which can propel her to the next level
Level and splat, that damn taxi splashes her awake
Awake and alert is how she must move ahead
Ahead into the unknown but certain it’s the only way out!

~ Lisa Fantino