Writing Spark – Lose Your Senses

I’ve been remiss in posting here because I’m busy, busy, busy in Europe promoting “Amalfi Blue,” now in English and Italian. However, I need to start writing more than just blog posts and I found some inspiration inside the pages of “Amalfi Blue.”

There’s a poem on p. 100 called “Losing My Senses to Find My Soul.” It refers to shutting out the world around you in order to focus on what’s important. I thought that would offer the perfect writing spark and since we have five senses, not to mention a sixth sense, it provides great fodder?  Don’t you agree?

Pick one of your senses and describe something: a place, person, scene, event. Think about what it would feel like, that same situation, without access to that one sense. Watch how your writing changes in its absence. The verbs, the adjectives, the narrative takes on a fresh face in its absence.

As I write today, I sit somewhere in sunny Sorrento. Without the sense of sight, I think how I would describe one of my favorite dayscapes. It offers respite from the city:

Step inside this magic garden and 20130410-173659.jpgyou’re one step away from the beating core of Sorrento, where motos and cars drown the beauty of the day with their noise. Here, the fragrant flowers perfume the air with the heady scents of wisteria and jasmine and the only sound is created by nature.

The canopy overhead offers shady relief from the midday sun, while visiting birds punctuate the moment with their song. The long passage leads straight to the massive seawall, where you can hear the lapping of the waves below, mixed with the hustle and bustle of the busy port. It’s a maritime symphony.

Go ahead, close your eyes and see what happens!