It’s research, baby!

I sit here in sunny Italy plotting the birth of the next great American novel. It’s something most professional journalists dream of but never sit down to write. Yet, I find it impossible to be an investigative reporter and not want to craft my own tale of murder, mayhem and passion. And, yes, there is always passion involved, even if it’s the deadly kind.

Investigating true crime or crafting one of your own takes many hours of research. The who and the why are easy for me but developing an intriguing how is what keeps me up at night because I know it’s what will keep readers turning the page.

Ccriminal ResearchIllustration: Rottigan/

I stopped to write this blog post because I laughed to myself, realizing that in this highly developed state of paranoia in which society now revolves, my net surfing history would give anyone pause: deadly toxins, untraceable assassins, investigative techniques. If they ever found my iPad or laptop I wonder what they would think…..and who would they be? It’s research, baby, just research for the highly educated and slightly twisted mind of this writer.