Writers are readers first!


What becomes a writer most?  Being a reader, of course.  Reading leads us to the worlds we can only dream of.  The words are our passport to venture into a new reality.  So writers, by their very nature, are fans first and writers second.

The Essential Mary CassattI was delighted this week to learn that a friend and fellow writer, Georgette Gouveia, had just released her debut novel, “Water Music: From the Games Men Play Series.”  I got two surprises in the mail – the invite to her release party but closer to my heart, an autographed copy of her “Essential Mary Cassatt.”

The Impressionist School of Art was dominated by men, European men, Monet, Manet, Degas, Renoir, just to name drop a few.  Then along comes this Victorian woman, Mary Cassatt from America.  Who did she think she was to enter this revered club?

Georgette’s essential guide is a charming look at the spirit which lives and breathes through the many scenes of mothers and children.  Cassatt was a rebel with a cause…her art in a male-dominated world of rules and restrictions.

Georgette’s book is lovely in that it introduces you to the world of this wonderful artist without the pretense usually associated with art books.  She enlightens, entertains and reveals a woman of the 19th Century who would be quite at home in the 21st Century world of social media.

So, getting back to “Water Music”……It’s the first in a provocative new series set in the impassioned world of men’s sports.  I can’t wait ti get my copy!