Writing Spark – Born to write!


It happens from the moment we can hold a crayon.  We grab hold of the nearest colorful object and just start scribbling, lines in aimless patterns that only the little mind who creates them can understand.  It happens before we can give voice to our inner child, before we can understand the beauty of words.  Writing comes naturally to each of us.

Born to writeCrayons and chalk become pencils and pens, each of us mapping our existence by leaving a trail of lines and words, some full of promise, some empty, some imaginary, some the sting of a harsh reality.

Writing Spark:  Think of yourself as a baby, an amazing little human, longing to be heard but without the vocabulary needed to express yourself.  Observe something in your house or in your life.  See it through the eyes of this baby or toddler.  How would you describe it?  Do you know its purpose?  Do you understand its reason for being in your life?  What does it smell like, look like, sound like?  How does it make you feel?  Force yourself to look at life through the eyes of a child without the ability to speak….now go use your words!