The Parking Garage

I think I found my mojo again with James Patterson. Mickey Malone’s next adventure was wallowing in the low tide muck of a Cornish beach but no more. I’ve been taking the Master’s MasterClass and doing the assignments and feel totally inspired and re-energized. Periodically, I’m going to share the “homework assignments” here. Feel free to comment and critique.

Today we were asked to write a brief description of a parking garage as he did in Honeymoon. Here goes:

Parking garages fill the dark, grimy streets of Hell’s Kitchen like a bunch of open sores on an old man’s bum. This was the gritty side of New York, away from midtown and the colorful lights of Broadway. This façade was no different but for the sign out front that said Lot Full. Full of what, she wondered as she spied from the stoop across the narrow street, spied in plain sight, as the brief wait paid off. The midnight black SUV with tinted windows pulled right into the elevator, waiting to take it to who knows where, the aging metal cage swallowing the behemoth on four wheels. Up or down, she knew the answer was hidden behind the steel trap in a lot full of secrets.