Writing with a Collaborator

Whenever I feel myself stuck in a writing rut, I turn to the Master, James Patterson, and continue my tutelage under his guidance. Our Master Class assignment this week was to learn the benefits of writing with a collaborator.

His assignment was to write a chapter based on an outline he provided. Here goes:

* * * * *

Wake up, wake up, oh God, wake up.

Emmy fought hard against her inner voice, beating it back after a difficult time falling asleep. She couldn’t sleep amid the noise of her Georgetown apartment but here on the Bay, she found herself easing into the ebb and flow of the tide on the Chesapeake and the hum of the seasonal cicadas. It was the white noise of her dreams.

Yet, tonight, something stirred in the blackness, something bad. She knew better than to fight from under the covers and looked at the nightstand which usually signaled her witching hour.

Something was wrong. The usual green glow of the digital alarm wasn’t an annoying crisp beacon, piercing the night with laser precision. She rolled on her side coughing up a lung, blinking to clear her vision as she reached for her glasses. She phumpfed until she grasped them but nothing helped.


The haze of her dreams was now a cloudy reality and she was scared. The hacking, the blurry vision, oh God, was she stroking out, having a heart attack, the night sweats? Help me.

She flicked on the wall sconce and realized she could only help herself but burned her fingers as the nickel finish was already hot to the touch. The heat was unbearable, the smoke toxic and the flames had already crossed the threshold of her tiny bedroom. The window to the porch was her only way out.

She stood to lose everything if she fought her way to save the fish. She stood to lose her life if she didn’t make a jump for it now!