Building a Chapter

Again you get to grade my homework from my Master Class. James Patterson asked us to think of a story in our personal life and set up a chapter based on that experience. You could do the same thing for your writing spark. ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦ Driving home half a sleep is no […]

A character’s history. . .

  Recently, one of my tweeps, Gary Loper, ever a source of inspirational quotes, posted a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. which got me thinking: “We do not make history.  We are made by history.” I didn’t quite buy the premise and it got me thinking as writers always do.  I proclaimed to Gary […]

Writing spark – choose a city!

I was surfing the net in hopes of inspiration to write a post today, Writers’ Wednesday, and the idea came to me after about 10 minutes of nonsense. Write about a place you know; see yourself walking its streets; describe that walk in 8 lines with each new line using the last word of the […]