The Italy of My Dreams

The Italy I knew, in the south, where did it go? I remember it taking my breath away as I drove the coastal rode to Sorrento for the first time; as I entered the doomed city of Pompeii; as I sailed into the iridescent Blue Grotto of Capri. Where did the romance of that journey […]

An Interview with the Author of Water Music

  Career journalist and editor Georgette Gouveia has ink running through her veins, as blue and black as any true writer.  To say she’s well-trained is an understatement, having received both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Critical Writing from Sarah Lawrence College, the suburban New York bastion of the creative arts.  To say she’s […]

Seasonal Writer’s Disorder

  It’s that time of year when folks suffer from so-called Seasonal Affective Disorder when not enough sunlight leads to depression, anxiety and social withdrawal.  Well, I think I have a major case of Seasonal Writer’s Disorder when too much writing indoors leads to severe weight gain and stress.  OK, stop laughing.  I am quite […]