About the Author

Once upon a time. . . isn't that how every fairytale begins?

For author Lisa Fantino her story began as a child full of tales with a wild imagination.  Her parents bought her a typewriter and tape-recorder for Christmas and so it began...a journey toward embracing her writer's passion.

Lisa Fantino is an award-winning journalist and attorney whose bestselling travel memoir, Amalfi Blue, has been Number One in the United States, Italy, Canada and Australia...and in the Top 10 books on Italy on three continents.

As a broadcaster she spent a career on the air at New York’s top news stations, WCBS-AM and WINS-AM, and as an anchor at the NBC Radio Networks.  As an attorney she has represented clients in both state and federal courts.

With “Fractured,” her third book, she introduced gutsy rookie Detective Maggie Flynn with a New York City street edge, seasoned with just enough Italian to make life passionate. Detective Flynn has faced serial killers and the deadly greed of the uber wealthy. Her next case, "Dead Cold," is due in the fall of 2024.

While she has traveled the world, both for work and play, as an attorney and a journalist, Lisa’s soul is always happiest in Italy. When she’s not flying here, there and everywhere, her home-base is New York, where she lives on a diet of Salsa On2 and dark chocolate.

Author photo by Rochelle Cheever


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