An Open Letter to Dad on Father’s Day

Hi Dad,

It’s been awhile…ten years too long.
I reached for the phone today. I can still hear your mischievous giggle and every word echoes in my head:

1. As my kitchen cabinet fell this week
“You can’t do the right job without the right tool”

2. As I measured the new backsplash in its place
“Measure twice cut once”
Then again, remember that time you didn’t measure & shoved the new IKEA chair so hard into the front seat that it cracked your windshield? Hmmm.
I giggled then, in the backseat…all the way home.

3. As I looked in the mirror on a particularly great hair day
“Wow! Who are you and what did you do with my daughter?”

4. And not a day goes by that I can’t hear your words on men
“Let him change your oil, it may be the only way he knows to say he loves you.”
Still workin’ on that – you and Mom taught me to be too strong!

You weren’t perfect, neither was I. Well, maybe 😉
We laughed, we screamed, we cried, we giggled and not a word was left unsaid ten years ago.

I remember, you said, “I can’t leave you yet; there’s so much I have to teach you” on a day when you were frustrated with my construction skills.
Don’t worry, Dad, you taught me more than you ever knew…and I heard every word.

Your loving daughter