Time and Place

Today’s writing spark:  Think of your favorite place and favorite time of day.  Now describe that attraction to a stranger who’s never been there before in 100 words or less.  Don’t think.  Just stream of consciousness.

Here’s what I came up with:

Sorrento at Sunset

Sunset VesuvioThere’s a moment of the day when all is right with life. The sun sets toward the west of Vesuvio and shadows of honey-colored amber dance across the bougainvillea. It’s quiet, peaceful. I can barely hear the waitstaff at the seafront bar, prepping tables with the hope of evening diners.

Sorrento SunsetThe tide washes over the pebbles, tossing them gently, restoring them, as the warmth of this special light begins to fade. It lingers on the horizon, for a moment longer, not wanting to slip into the past but it must for the promise of tomorrow is just hours away.